Built by Support Coordinators for Support Coordinators

All you need to manage a successful  Support Coordination business

  • Save Time & Reduce Costs
  • Efficient NDIS Audits
  • Streamlined Invoicing
  • Better Case Note Management
  • Support Coordinator Training
  • Planning & Risk Assessment Tools
  • Service Provider Library
  • Create Forms & Templates
Support Coordination Business Owner

“We trialled other software however most appeared to be for support worker providers, Support Coordination Software matches the needs of our Support Coordinators role specifically." ~Georgie Bower - Arcadia Specialist Support Coordination

Full suite of tools and training tailored to your business

Easy to use

  • Intuitive workflows
  • File notes & hours in one place
  • Auto tracking of budgets & plans
  • Auto reminders and prompts

Participant Management

  • Secure participant portal login
  • SDM & guardian access
  • Plan review & budget alerts
  • Unlimited file note storage

Team management

  • Assign participants & permissions
  • Track & monitor KPIs
  • Balance SCs capacity & capability
  • Build team skills & comradery

Bulk invoicing

  • Fast & efficient bulk uploads to NDIS
  • Batch invoice to Plan Managers
  • Covers Agency, Plan & Self-managed
  • Streamlined extracts to Xero and others

Purpose built tools

  • Action Plans & Risk Assessments
  • Participant progress & confidence
  • Select Providers easily from library
  • Set participant goals & reviews

Business Intelligence

  • Full customisable reporting
  • Maximise hours & increase income
  • Monitor efficiency trends
  • Business growth support from experts

Forms & templates

  • Library to choose from & customise
  • Add your own forms & PDFs
  • Forms & agreements sent & tracked
  • Secure electronic signing

SC specific training

  • Upskill to best practice with tools
  • Proven & consistent procedures
  • Training with completion certificates
  • Free for all Support Coordinators

Business support

  • Inbuilt 24/7 smart helper
  • Streamline, systemise & benefit
  • Industry experts available
  • Dedicated to grow with you

“I have tried several of the competitor software packages and Support Coordination Software has more than met our needs, giving us more time to focus on our participants needs." ~Julianne Adam - The Support Co-op

What sets us apart

Support Coordination Software provides businesses like yours, easy to use tools and systems designed to streamline, manage and grow your business while supporting your team to do their work as efficiently as possible.

The software aims to optimise processes and streamline workflows to maximise productivity and reduce expenses.

How SCS delivers cost savings and efficiencies

Workflow efficiencies for support coordinators

  • Quick and easy intake process, reducing data entry and workload
  • Real-time tracking of support coordination budgets, allowing for better budget management and cost control
  • Efficient file note management with editable folders and a powerful search function, enabling quick retrieval of information and reducing time spent searching for specific items
  • Planning tools that facilitate effective resource allocation and risk assessment, improving decision-making and resource utilisation
  • Database of services accessed by participants, enabling informed choices based on objective criteria, potentially reducing costs associated with ineffective or suboptimal services
  • Customisable forms and templates that auto-populate participant information, eliminating repetitive data entry and saving time.
    To do lists and multiple alerts (such as plan review dates, and budgets close to exhaustion) to keep your team informed at all times.

Grow your business while cutting costs

  • Intuitive software that minimises the need for lengthy and complicated staff inductions, reducing training costs.
  • On-the-job tools and training resources that foster continuous learning, saving on professional development expenses.
  • Admin dashboard providing comprehensive HR information in real time, facilitating efficient resource allocation and workload management.

Business intelligence tools and reporting

  • Manage and oversee multiple locations highlighting where you can optimise and improve.
  • Identify team members capacity for more intakes allowing for sustainable growth.
  • Tracks and monitors team KPI’s to help you maximise available billable hours
  • Utilise data-driven, real-time reports for decision-making and performance optimisation, leading to cost savings.
  • [Coming soon] API capabilities to plug into the NDIA’s new software (PACE) and other 3rd party accounting software to allow real time tracking of the participant’s overall plan budget as well as enabling you to completely automate your reconciliation processes.



“During our recent audit we got a conformity best practice for your software, in particular to the recording of and ratings of providers.

The auditors were really impressed with this aspect of the software.”

Shannon Skews

Operations Manager/Specialist Support Coordinator, Arcadia SSC

“Support Coordination Software has strongly addressed our individual invoicing, billable hours, file note capturing and reportable team user experiences on many levels across multiple locations. We utilise the simplicity and accountability of Support Coordination Software all day, every day.”
Tanya Tagget

Director/ Coordinator of Supports, Link Lane Pty Ltd

“I have found Support Coordination Software to be very responsive, easy to deal with, open to suggestions, communicate professionally. The software is easy to use. I would recommend them to providers working in this sector.”
Kelly Frances-Scott

Director and Senior Administration Manager, Dacey & Scott Support Coordination

Supporting your business and financial viability

Support Coordination Software is designed with real cost savings and efficiencies in mind. The software aims to provide businesses with tools and features that optimise resource allocation, streamline processes, and reduce unnecessary expenses.