Frequently asked questions


How much does Support Coordination Software cost?

See all of our rates here

Can I have a free trial?

You definitely can! We offer a two week no obligation free trial. To sign up click here.

Can I get a demo?

Of course! We offer weekly demonstrations, you can book here.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, our costs are all upfront and clearly laid out. Click here to have a look.

How do I download the Software?

There is no need to download anything to get started. Support Coordination Software is accessible via your computers web browser. If you are already a subscription holder you can login here.

Do you have an App?

No, Support Coordination Software is supported via a web browser. You can still access our software on your phone or tablet if you access if via the inbuilt web browser (Chrome, Safari etc.)

Training & Support

Do you provide training?

Our customer support team are more than happy to provide training to any trialling or active subscribers. Please reach out to if you need assistance.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Our customer support team are here to help within business hours. Please reach out to if you need assistance.

My Account

Is there a limit on how many Support Coordinators or Participants I can have in my subscription?

The sky is the limit! Support Coordination Software has been designed to grow with your business. You can manage your team and participant numbers based on your business needs not software limitations.

Can I cancel easily?

You sure can! From within the Software Business Settings, you can choose to cancel via the Terms of Use section. Please reach out to if you need assistance.

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