Support Coordinator invoicing software

Let’s face it: Invoicing can be a complex process, especially when you have multiple responsibilities as a Support Coordinator. But what if you could reclaim those valuable hours spent on invoicing and focus more on participant outcomes?

Our Support Coordination Software offers a streamlined invoicing solution that transforms your workflow.

The Time Drain: Traditional Invoicing Challenges

If you’ve been using a standard spreadsheet or a generic accounting software to handle your invoicing, you’re well aware of the challenges and limitations.

These tools rely on manual entry for each participant, each service, and sometimes even each session, leading to an administrative maze that’s prone to errors and inefficiencies.

Scenarios of Inefficiency in your invoicing workflow

  • Scenario 1: You spend hours every week manually creating invoices for each participant, double-checking for errors, and then sending them out to different agencies or plan managers.
  • Scenario 2: You realise too late that an invoice has an error, causing delays in payment and requiring back-and-forth communication to resolve the issue.
  • Scenario 3: You need to generate a report for the NDIA but your spreadsheet or software can’t easily pull the required data, leaving you to collate this manually.

Sound familiar? These are everyday challenges that can keep you bogged down in administrative tasks rather than focusing on participant support.

Introducing Game-Changing Features For Support Coordinators

Our Support Coordination Software is packed with features specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of NDIS invoicing.

Bulk Invoicing

Gone are the days of generating individual invoices for each session or participant. Our software allows you to create invoices in bulk, saving you an incredible amount of time. With just a few clicks, you can generate multiple invoices, tailored to the unique requirements of each participant and service, making your invoicing process as efficient as possible.

Fast & Efficient NDIS Uploads

The software automates the process of preparing a correctly formatted csv file for uploading to the NDIS system. No more manual entries or tedious checks. The software ensures that the uploaded data complies with NDIS guidelines, reducing the risk of errors and subsequent payment delays.

Versatility in Batch Invoicing

Whether it’s Agency, Plan, or Self-managed invoicing you’re after, our software has got you covered. It allows you to categorise and batch invoices according to the type of management, streamlining the process even further.

Streamlined Accounting Integrations

If you’re a Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks user, you’re in for a treat. Our software generates correctly formatted csv files to easily import into your accounting platform. This means you can sync your invoicing data with your accounting software, eliminating the need for duplicate entries and ensuring consistency across your financial records.

Real Users, Real Results: Testimonials that Speak Volumes

We could spend all day telling you about the features and benefits of our Support Coordination Software.

Instead, here are some real-life case studies from satisfied Support Coordinators who’ve seen firsthand how our software has transformed their invoicing process and their businesses.

Time Savings that Matter

“Dacey & Scott Support Coordination” know all about the time-saving capabilities, stating, “I would estimate that I am saving approximately two to three hours a week for both invoicing and other data I download for my reporting requirements.”

Imagine what you could do with an extra 2-3 hours every week?

Unbeatable Value for Money

“The Support Coop” was particularly impressed by the Support Coordination Software’s industry-specific CRM and invoicing capabilities. They said, “Support Coordination Software has more than met my needs and given me the time that I was constantly chasing to better utilise with my participants.”

It’s not just about saving time; it’s about enhancing the quality of the time you spend with your participants. That’s priceless.

Convenience Meets Compliance

“Link Lane” spoke about the ease of remote access and compliance, noting, “SCS has added value to our business by allowing multiple users access and input to participant’s file notes remotely. We can confidently produce invoices and participants/NDIS reports at call without barriers.”

In today’s remote work environment, this feature is not just convenient; it’s essential.

A Partner, Not Just a Software

“My Coordinator” highlights the incredible support they’ve received: “Support is exceptional, responsive, helpful, and collaborative. It’s reassuring to have a personal relationship instead of being just a ticket number on a help desk.”

Because when you choose our software, you’re choosing a partnership that goes beyond simple transactional interactions.

Take the Leap: Your No-Obligation Free Trial Awaits

Still on the fence? We get it; changing your system is a big decision. That’s why we offer a no-obligation free trial, allowing you to test-drive our software and experience its benefits firsthand. We’re confident you’ll love it as much as our other users do.

Invoicing doesn’t have to be a chore that you dread; it can be a smooth, streamlined process that complements your role as a Support Coordinator.

Take control of your invoicing today and discover the difference that the right software can make.